Class Action



    • There are so many lawsuits. What’s wrong with Champion?

      Champion has a strong reputation for making the “World’s Best Petfoods”. However as a leader in the industry we believe Champion is being targeted by frivolous claims and lawsuits, and we will continue to defend ourselves vigorously.On March 1, 2018 a Class Action Complaint was brought in California against Champion Petfoods alleging that our dog food contains levels of “heavy metals and toxins” that might make the food unsafe and that this was not disclosed. On March 28, 2018, a similar lawsuit was filed in Wisconsin and several other lawsuits have been filed since. The claims asserted in the lawsuits are baseless and Champion Petfoods intends to vigorously defend itself in the litigation. Champion Petfoods is 100% confident that our foods are safe for pets and the people who care for them.

      Let me explain.

      • Heavy metals are naturally occurring in the environment and as a result are present in many pet and human foods. In our foods with higher meat content, these naturally occurring metals are still well within acceptable regulatory limits. We are 100% confident that Champion’s foods are safe.
      • The Court in Loeb v. Champion Petfoods USA, Inc., et al noted that plaintiff’s “claim that ORIJEN is misleadingly advertised as healthy because of the mere presence of any heavy metals” is “absurd”.
      • In February of 2019 a Wisconsin Federal Judge dismissed the claims in the Loeb case and entered judgement in favor of Champion. The Court also noted that if a claim could be made against products marketed as healthful, but which contained naturally occurring heavy metals, “consumers would have grounds to sue the manufacturer of nearly every product in a typical grocery store.”
      • Plaintiffs in these lawsuits have shifted their focus, from their original claim regarding heavy metals, to attacking random statements on our bags. This suggests that these lawsuits are in fact frivolous. Quite clearly the plaintiffs are grasping at straws.
      • Due to the high quality of our ingredients and the related price point, we believe that we have been unfairly targeted by the plaintiffs and their law firms.

      Champion makes the “World’s Best Petfood” and we believe it’s our success that has attracted legal actions that we characterize as frivolous. We’ll continue to defend ourselves vigorously.

    • What is Champion’s response to all these lawsuits? What’s the status of the lawsuits?

      Champion believes the lawsuits are without merit. A Wisconsin Federal Judge has already ruled in our favor by dismissing the claims on summary judgement. Unfortunately, these cases take significant time to work their way through the legal system. That said, we are committed to the process and will continue to vigorously defend ourselves.

    • Tell me about BPA in your foods.

      BPA is ubiquitous in the environment. No BPA chemicals are added to Champion foods or packaging materials. All Champion packaging is in full compliance with the CFIA in Canada, FDA in the USA and applicable packaging food additive regulations. The trace levels of BPA alleged by the Plaintiffs would not cause harm to pets.

    • Are any of your foods recalled?

      No. There have been no recalls for any of our products prepared at either of our kitchens. Any rumors or allegations to the contrary are false. The allegations made by Individuals in the class action litigation are baseless and are based on misinterpretations of data.  ORIJEN and ACANA foods, whether made in the U.S. or in Canada, are safe for dogs and cats.

    • What may have led to some plaintiffs’ lawyers with their class representatives suing us?

      The initial class action complaint makes reference to the Clean Label Project, which claims to be an initiative that tests pet foods and other products for heavy metals, with the result of creating unwarranted fear.  It also appears that the group has relied upon opaque testing methods and does not disclose its testing methodologies or procedures used, making it difficult to determine how the results and their erroneous conclusions were reached. Please be reassured that the ingredient listing on our packaging is 100% accurate and in complete compliance with all regulations.  We are confident that our foods are 100% safe for pets and the people who care for them.

    • How do we know Champion foods are safe?

      We source our ingredients from trusted partners who undergo a rigorous assessment prior to working with us and who are subject to regular audits by our Certification and Compliance team. ORIJEN and ACANA foods and treats are formulated for dogs and cats, with meat and poultry ingredients sourced from federally licensed facilities that must have implemented a HACCP-based food safety system.  Meat and poultry ingredients must be sourced from animals that are not condemned, diseased, or that have died otherwise than by slaughter.

      Our FDA and SQF (Safe Quality Food) certified Kentucky DogStar kitchen operates under HACCP-based food safety standards, and the facility was the firest-ever recipient of the prestigious Global Markets Award; an international designation for food safety from the Global Food Safety Initiative.

      Our foods are routinely tested for nutritional requirements and heavy metals.

    • Does this litigation affect Champion Petfoods in both the US and Canada?

      Champion Petfoods produces ORIJEN and ACANA dry foods in our two kitchens, one located in Morinville, AB, Canada, the other in Auburn, Kentucky, USA. The Auburn, Kentucky kitchen opened in 2016.  Food produced in Morinville, AB was sold in Minnesota, Florida and California prior to 2016.  There have been no recalls for any of our products prepared at either of our kitchens. We go to great lengths to ensure that the food produced at both kitchens is consistent in its quality, taste and ingredients. These measures include both in-house and external testing from a third-party accredited laboratory to guarantee the safety and uniformity of our food. We affirm that ORIJEN and ACANA foods, whether made in the US or in Canada, are safe for dogs and cats.