Q. Does Champion Petfoods have a Veterinary Nutritionist or other qualified employees on staff? Are they available for consultation or questions?

Yes, Champion Petfoods has been working with a veterinary specialist for over a decade and hired a full-time animal nutritionist in 2011. Our highly educated and talented team of 20 Research & Innovation scientists lead the development and research of our ACANA and ORIJEN pet foods. These individuals cover a wide variety of education and experience including, but not limited, to: 1 Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, 1 PhD in Animal Nutrition, 2 PhD’s in Food Science, 3 Masters of Science in Animal Nutrition (2 in companion animal nutrition), 2 Masters of Science in Food Science, 1 Masters of Science in Meat Hygiene and Food Microbiology, and 17 Bachelors of Science areas such as Animal Science, Biochemistry, and Veterinary Medicine.

In 2016, Champion completed work on a $5.9 million Research and Innovation center to further scientifically validate the nutrition and safety behind our BAFRINO mandate:
We also retain numerous DVM consultants who have years of experience in the field of animal food formulation and manufacturing. We have always been committed to providing Biologically Appropriate pet foods and are proud of the research behind our foods. Our Customer Care team works closely with our Nutritionists to provide you with accurate informative answers to all your questions.

Q. Who formulates your diets and what are their credentials?

A. Champion Petfoods Research and Innovation team work with a group of animal nutritionists as well as consult with Veterinarians with specialties in nutrition, toxicology and holistic medicine when developing our ACANA and ORIJEN diets.


Q. Are ACANA and ORIJEN AAFCO Feed Trial tested? Which of your diets have been AAFCO Nutritional analyzed?

A. We currently have several diets that have completed AAFCO feeding trials. All of our diets are formulated to meet the nutritional levels established by AAFCO as well as FEDIAF in our NorthStar kitchens, which is stated on the back of each bag. We test every lot number of food for: protein, ash, fat, fibre, moisture, calcium and phosphorus. Additionally, each diet has a complete nutritional analysis conducted by an independent research laboratory to ensure all AAFCO requirements are met.


Q. Do you do testing on your diets beyond AAFCO trials?

A. Yes, digestibility and palatability are tested on every diet we make. Diets that have completed or are undergoing AAFCO trials will also have data from stool and urine, and blood analysis.


Q. Do you provide a complete product nutrient analysis for each of your diets, including digestibility values?

A. You can find a complete Guaranteed Analysis for any of our ORIJEN or ACANA formulas by going to, choosing either brand and then search by product. On the ORIJEN and ACANA websites you will need to choose your formula, then Guaranteed Analysis, or Ingredients, etc.

Digestibility varies slightly between diets; however, the caloric digestibility of our diets is generally in the high 80’s.


Q. Can you give me the caloric value per cup of your diets?

A. We list the calorie content and distribution for each of our diets on our website.


Q. What kinds of research on your products has been conducted, and are the results published in peer-reviewed journals?

A. Champion Petfoods prides itself on the research we do and the testing that all of our ACANA and ORIJEN diets go through prior to shipping. The results are not currently published in peer-reviewed journals; however, if you have a specific question regarding any of our studies and its results, you may inquire through our Customer Care Department.


Q. What specific quality control measures do you use to assure the consistency and quality of your product line? What safety measures do you use?

A. Our DogStar kitchens were purpose built and are state-of-the-art kitchens with access to the highest quality and freshest ingredients. Our meat and poultry ingredients are sourced from federally licensed facilities that must have implemented a HACCP-based food safety system. Meat and poultry ingredients must be sourced from animals that are not condemned, diseased, or that have died otherwise than by slaughter.

Before being accepted, all incoming ingredients are tested by our Quality Assurance Team in our onsite laboratory. Ingredients must pass tests for physical properties, nutritional composition, mycotoxin testing and PV values. Only after passing all Quality Assurance tests are ingredients accepted into our Kitchens.

Our Kentucky DogStar kitchens operate HACCP-based food safety standards, is FDA certified and SQF (Safe Quality Food) certified, and is the first-ever recipient of the prestigious Global Markets Award from the Global Food Safety Initiative, an international designation for food safety.


Q. Where do you make ACANA and ORIJEN? Can we visit your facility?

We prepare ACANA and ORIJEN ourselves, in our own kitchens, so we control each aspect of food production, including where our ingredients are sourced.

For our Pet Lovers in Canada, Europe and parts of Asia our ACANA and ORIJEN dry foods are made in our NorthStar kitchens in Morinville, Alberta. Pet Lovers in the USA, Central and South America receive ACANA and ORIJEN dry foods made in our DogStar kitchens in Auburn Kentucky. Our ORIJEN Freeze-Dried Food and Treats are also made in our DogStar kitchens.

Our view on outsourcing is simple: We don’t make foods for other companies, and we don’t allow our foods to be made by anyone else.

If you are interested in visiting us, please contact our Customer Care Department for more information about arranging a tour.
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