PET AGE MAGAZINE | Consumers Seek Trust for Canine Food

Two members of Champion's Transparency Council talk about their immersive experience with Champion and their DogStar Kitchen

PETFOOD INDUSTRY | Champion’s Transparency Council Files First Candid Reports

Champion’s unique four-person Transparency Council has officially filed their first reports after touring the company’s DogStar Kitchen and visited a regional supplier of some of Champion’s ingredients.

PET PRODUCT NEWS | Champion’s Transparency Council Files First Report

Champion’s newly formed Transparency Council has filed its first report, revealing behind-the-scenes observations of their trip to the company’s DogStar Kitchen in Kentucky.

PET PRODUCT NEWS | Champion Appoints Two Pet Owners to Transparency Council

Champion Petfoods has added two pet owners to its Transparency Council, joining two veterinarians, who will be tasked with sharing their experiences through articles they write for distribution to the public.

PET PRODUCT NEWS | Champion Petfoods Takes Transparency Public

Champion Petfoods is opening its manufacturing processes to the public by inviting two pet food experts and two Pet Lovers to review and report on the company’s operations.

PETFOOD INDUSTRY.COM | Champion Petfoods Creates Industry’s First Transparency Council

On March 21, Champion formed the pet food industry’s first Transparency Council, a unique committee of outside third-party experts and Pet Lovers who will be given access to each step of Champion’s production procedures.


Champion announces product innovation, new packaging, and a council focused on providing transparency.

PET AGE MAGAZINE | The Importance of Openness – Evolving the Pet Food Industry

Pet Lovers are increasingly concerned with and interested in how their pet’s food is being made. Champion discusses the importance of answering the consumer demand for transparency in the industry.

PET FOOD PROCESSING | Two Remaining Spots Filled on Champion’s Transparency Council

On May 6, Champion Petfoods announced that they have chosen their last two Transparency Council members, a new entity tasked with observing Champion’s processes and providing candid reports about their experiences.

PET BUSINESS | Four-Person Team to Head Up Champion Petfoods’ Transparency Council

Joining Dr. Shawn Messonnier and Dr. Clayton Greenway, Champion has appointed Andrea Coffman and April Scott to its unique and industry-leading Transparency Council.

PET AGE MAGAZINE | Members of Champion Transparency Council Announced

Champion Petfoods announced today the four members of the industry’s first Transparency Council, intended to provide unprecedented access and visibility to its pet food creation and ingredient-sourcing processes.